Sovereign Sportsman Wins 2nd EMMY

PRESS RELEASE – Nashville, TN January 28th, 2013:
The Sovereign Sportsman TV series is honored for the 2nd time with television’s highest honor for showcasing the lives of wounded US soldiers, Native American Indians, and Humanitarian Initiatives Around the World.

Sovereign Media Group, LLC, (SMG) originator and producer of the nationally televised hit sportsman’s television series “The Sovereign Sportsman”, took center stage at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences annual Emmy Awards gala Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN. SMG won their 2nd Emmy Award for Entertainment Excellence in Television for an episode of their show where the Sovereign Sportsman teamed up with wounded US military personnel and the Camp Patriot organization to attempt to summit Mt Rainier. [ View Episode ]


“We take great care and are very deliberate in our approach to focus each show on incredible people and their miraculous stories of life-change, recovery, and perseverance. These stories have centered predominantly on wounded US soldiers, injured law enforcement officers, American Indians, and people from around the world that are changing lives through the difficult situations they’ve come through. And we hunt, fish, and climb a few mountains (physically and emotionally) along the way”,

said Eric Richey; Sovereign Media Group, CEO, Show Host & Executive Producer (Pictured above – second from right). Also pictured above; show Producer Joel Evans (far left), show cinematographer Ernest (Eddy) Bateman (far right), and voice over professional Mike Brassell (second from left). All were on-hand to accept this prestigious award, an honor seldom won by outdoor sportsman’s programs.

Richey, a Montana native now residing outside of Nashville, TN also said

“It’s difficult in just a few words to convey the impact of this past year on the lives of those involved. We teamed up with severely wounded US Army vets to climb Mt. Rainier and helped an Air Force EOD specialist who lost an arm and his eyesight in an IED explosion fulfill a dream of free range elk hunting (“Utah EOD Elk Hunt”). We showed how Native American tribal members and leaders are leveraging their natural resources as a means of exposing their people and culture in new and positive ways. And we watched in awe the transformation of Missouri SWAT and Sheriff’s officers paralyzed in the line of duty reclaiming part of their lives through turkey hunting (“2011 Turkey Hunt”). Our show is not about the events…It’s about the people participating in the events.

These are just a few events from this past season and we feel incredibly blessed to have available to us a venue like The Sovereign Sportsman to expose these amazing people and their stories to the viewing public. My team and I have been changed forever as a result of knowing these incredible people.

This second Emmy Award was a tremendous honor for everyone affiliated with the show. For me, its additional affirmation that if you pursue those things in your life that you know God is directing you to do, great things will come as a result.”

Sovereign Media Group (SMG), established in 2010, provides a full suite of print, video, sound, and pre / post production services to the television and minor motion picture industry. View all of our past episodes or visit us on Facebook.