Spring Turkey Hunt with More American Heroes

Heroes-turkey-huntThe Sovereign Sportsman team recently had the privilege to partner with “Hunting for Heroes” (H4H) to host 3 wounded agents / officers on the first annual Hunting for Heroes Spring Turkey Hunt in northern Missouri.Hunting for Heroes is a non-profit organization designed to provide recreational therapy for severely disabled law enforcement officers who are injured in the line of duty.

Hunting for Heroes is a new program this year and The Sovereign Sportsman team was more than happy to team up with them for their first major event as well as film and highlight the heroic lives and careers of those participating in this incredible program as part of one of our up-coming episodes of “The Sovereign Sportsman”.

Officers from Hunting for Heroes participating in the weekend events were Mathew Crosby, Lucas Roethlisberger, and Paul Clark.

Sovereign Sportsman’s co-host Eric Richey was quoted saying that the experience was “one of the most impactful and memorable of any to date“. Richey further stated:

“The stories of these three American heroes were life-changing. I was deeply moved by their testimonies, their heroism, and their incredible commitment to serving others.It was
Heroes-turkey-hunt-2indeed my honor and that of my entire team to have been able to spend a few days with them and their families and to showcase them on our show.

I’m hopeful that our viewers will be equally as moved to help Hunting for Heroes in their efforts to provide Matt, Lucas, Paul and the multitudes of other severely wounded law enforcement officers with recreational therapy and opportunities to connect with other officers and family members affected by life altering injuries in the line of duty.

There is no more deserving demographic of individual anywhere in the world than these men and women who risk their lives daily in an effort to protect us and our freedoms. My time with them is something I will never forget and we look forward to being lifetime partners and supporters of Hunting for Heroes.”


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