Hunting Information

Terms and Conditions —

50% Deposit is required to confirm hunting dates with the full balance of trophies required 60 days prior to the start of the hunt.

Unsuccessful Hunts

At S.O. Africa, we stand behind our hunting operation and offer our clients a guarantee that few in the industry provide. Should we not be successful in harvesting any of your required trophies, trophy fees associated with those animals will be refunded in full.

Hunt Cancellations

If a client’s hunt is cancelled less than 6 months prior to commencement of the hunt, the deposit will be forfeited in full.

Wounded / Lost Animals

S.O. Africa employs world class game trackers as part of all safari hunts and all efforts will be expended to track and claim shot and/or wounded game animals. Game both killed AND wounded animals will be assumed “harvested” and credited to the clients account as harvested. All costs associated with these animals will be due, even if animal is not recovered

Travel —

Health and Safety

Basic medical kits are standard as part of every hunting vehicle. Consistent and dependable telephone and radio communication are also provided should an emergency ever present itself.

NOTE: Some safari areas are considered high malaria risk. Therefore, S.O. – Africa will provide guidance and recommendations when needed to to consult with a doctor prior to travel to these areas so that appropriate precautions can be taken.

It is also recommended that copies of travel documents be kept with our clients at all times. Personal / important / valuable items can be left with your outfitter for safe keeping in designated safes / lock boxes if needed.

Customs, Visas, and Insurance

Custom clearance is conducted at the port of entry for all various safari countries. S.O. Africa travel coordinators will require detailed info and requirements specific to each country visited as part of your African Safari experience.

Insurance on personal effects, luggage and medical evaluation is also recommended and S.O. Africa representatives can provide additional assistance in this area if needed.

Weapons and Ammunition

Import and export permits are required for all firearms. Assistance with permits is available via S.O. Travel Representatives.

Weapons and Hunting Classes —

Class 1 - Big and Dangerous Game

Rifle calibre of .375 or higher is recommended for big game and dangerous game hunts.

Class 2 - Medium Game

Smaller calibres are sufficient for small to medium game animals including .257, .270, 7mm, .300 and 30-06 calibres. Hunters should bring both soft and solid point ammunition.

Class 3 - Small Game

Smaller calibres are sufficient for small to medium game animals including .257, .270, 7mm, .300 and 30-06 calibres. Hunters should bring both soft and solid point ammunition.

Class G - Green Hunts

Many hunters contribute to further research and recovery by doing a rhino green hunt. This is shooting a rhino with a tranquilizer dart.

Once a rhino is darted on your green hunt, a vet will examine and medicate him, and take care of any other necessary data for research. Your PH will then take pictures and measurements for you taxidermist so he can recreate your trophy.


A good quality scope with variable power (1.5-6x40) is recommended.


A soft case for your rifle that will be used to transport your weapons in safari vehicles is required. Bow hunting is welcome and a great challenge.

Bow Hunters

Bow hunters are welcome and should shoot bows (recurves, compounds, and crossbows) with appropriate draw weights, arrow weight, and broadhead configurations to insure the most ethical harvesting of both small and large African game animals.

S.O. Representatives / Pro Staff can assist with specifics depending on the animals wishing to be hunted.